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Read How to Protect Yourself Medically, Mentally, and Financially. 




AUTHOR'S NOTE:  A reader did us all a favor (many thanks and well wishes) by posting a review on Amazon that basically said that this book did detail problems with the health care system, but it did not provide anything "encouraging." And, there is the heart of the matter.  Too many books are written that give people false hope.  This book does not.  It is factual and informative, and in addition to aiding families, it is meant to be a catalyst for change for a broken "care" system. The best thing the reader who wrote the  review could do is mail his copy of "Aging: Warning"  to their legislative and congressional representatives and demand that they take action on behalf of American families. Next to providing vital information that families need now, the most "encouraging" intent of the book is to affect change that is so desperately needed as America faces an "epidemic of dementia" (and "memory loss" among all ages) -- as well as other long-term illnesses.

The name of the book is "Aging: Warning."  The day it becomes "Aging: Encouraging" -- I will write about that, too.  Until then, people need to be informed, protected, prepared and, most importantly, told the truth. -- Sharon Sebastian

"AGING: WARNING - Navigating Life's Medical, Mental & Financial Minefields" is a Vital Resource to  Live By. Read what everyone needs to know to protect themselves, their family, and their friends. 

As a guerrilla journalist, I was embedded for the last few years within the "care system" from hospitals to nursing homes. In my research for my book on health care and aging, I uncovered a deeply flawed system that is a liability to both American families and to the economic future of America.

A burgeoning industry has emerged to profit from the health needs of the largest senior population in our nation’s history. Buyer beware. Families are prone to make critical errors that range from serious to long-term to lethal when they become overwhelmed by a profit driven care industry, much of which is fraught with abuse and corruption.

Details are provided on precautions that may be taken long before an emergency occurs. Families are alerted to what may be done to protect finances, counter industry abuse, and avoid the many pitfalls and unscrupulous tactics that are harming our loved ones across the nation.

Information that may prove crucial to saving both lives and finances is provided in the book for you personally and for anyone with older parents or elderly grandparents. “AGING: WARNING – Navigating Life’s Medical, Mental & Financial Minefields” helps prepare seniors and their families on how to confront or avoid medical, mental, and financial mistakes.

As the book reveals the raw truth about aging in America today, regardless of their financial circumstances, families are shell-shocked at the break-down in medical care and long-term costs that spiral them towards bankruptcy.  It could be you, your mother, your father, or your grandparent. The book was written to alert families on how to protect themselves and the ones they love.  

Families need to know what they do not know and they need to know that they are not alone. Some need vital information and insight now as they confront life-altering circumstances. Others must be warned to prepare for “life-changes” so that they do not enter into the massive care industry unprepared. Others have no idea about their rights and protections, under the law, when they become embroiled and in conflict with a profit-driven nursing home and elder care industry. Critical financial steps and legal rights that shield families are laid out in the book. Experts from a variety of fields including medical, legal, political, and financial are interviewed and provide grounding.

Learn ways to avoid the financial gamesmanship played by companies in the business of “care” that leaves families financially stressed or bankrupt. Learn what to watch for when signing contracts that attempt to circumvent legal boundaries. Learn about the government’s sham ratings system for care facilities. Learn how government endangers our minds and our bodies by allowing chemically-based ingredients to flow through our processed food supply with hundreds more in the pipeline. Learn about scientific studies from top researchers that now link what we eat to an alarming increase in brain diseases in the elderly and the onset of memory loss in children and adults.

The FDA and major processed food corporations are openly called to task for the loss of life and health of Americans, young and old, over the last several decades. A special section, devoted to veterans’ care vs. nursing homes, exposes a system of abuse that one veterans’ advocate describes as “medieval” and openly implicates a culpable government. 

It is important to make those you know that will benefit from this book aware that it is available for them.  If only I had had a book like this that outlines how to protect a loved one medically and financially.  I didn’t.  Now, you do with my blessings that it serves you, your friends, and the ones you love. From every background and circumstance, we find ourselves on this journey. I begin the book by saying that I am breaking writing convention because in the book I am going to talk to you like you are family. Take it to heart that not being informed and prepared now assures panic and hardship later.

In a fight for the rights and protections of Americans and their families, the book, “AGING: WARNING – Navigating Life’s Medical, Mental & Financial Minefields,” charts a path for change and sets a course for redirection at a time critical to America’s future. May you and those you care about benefit greatly.

What better gift is there than serving the needs of others? It is in response to the appeals of those voices, the voices of the patients and their families that insist that "the truth must be told," that Sharon Sebastian wrote the book, AGING: WARNING – Navigating Life's Medical, Mental & Financial Minefields. There is no substitute for personal experience coupled with first-hand investigations and professional insight as source material to give vital information to families who "need to know."




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aging warning sharon sebastian

aging warning sharon sebastian

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