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Table of Contents

Part One: FDA Enabled: A Horror Story
Part Two: Can You Trust the Government?
Part Three: FDA Sleight of Hand: Labeling Games
Part Four: Nursing Home Warehousing and the Five Star Ratings Game
Part Five: The Chain Gangs
Part Six: Shady Practices: VA vs. Nursing Homes
Part Seven: Whistleblowers and Bullies and Threats of Discharge
Part Eight: Doctors, Medicine and Treatments
Part Nine: Mentally Derailed
Part Ten: Urinary Tract Infections – The Dreaded UTI

Part Eleven: When It Happens To You
Part Twelve: A Life Changing Event – Flashing Red Lights
Part Thirteen: Financial Danger Zones – The Trap of Who Pays?
Part Fourteen: Nursing Home Contracts & Filial Laws
Part Fifteen: Medicaid, Medicare, and Hospice – Critical Information
Part Sixteen: The Value of Life





What you do not know can hurt you or a loved one or a friend.


No two people are alike. Yet, what you are about to learn matters for anyone who cares about protecting a parent, a grandparent or themselves. It is a glimpse into the future for millions of Americans and their families unless action is taken.


The topics explored within these pages may at first appear diverse. They are not unlike each of our lives, heading off in various directions. In the end, just like our lives, they all merge on the winding, but definitive, path to aging. Though seemingly disconnected, each chapter is part of a grand mosaic that is more clearly viewed and understood when the pieces become the whole.


The pieces that come together allow you to make decisions for yourself that might otherwise be overwhelming in times of crises or when you are being pressured to act – often not in your own best interest. Learn to avoid the financial gamesmanship played by companies in the business of “care” that leaves families bankrupt. Learn how government endangers our minds and bodies by allowing chemically-based ingredients into our food supply. Ten year research studies report an alarming increase in brain diseases and link what we eat to brain cell death.


Take warnings from long-term care industry insiders that report abuses that are ignored by State and Federal inspectors. Top experts, advocates and Whistleblowers share accounts of not only system-wide diminished care, but the withholding of care resulting in fatal outcomes.


Personal information and experiences that are shared are not simple vignettes, nor indulgences. They are devices to inform and alert readers who may find themselves in similar circumstances. It is important to know that you are not on a solo journey, unaided and alone, without recourse.


The following cry for help appeared in an open forum on the Internet for all to see. The fear was palpable, the wording desperate. It has been paraphrased and edited to protect identity. The writer sought answers and alternatives. Described is the future for millions of American families:


“My 85 year mother, who suffers dementia, entered a rehab/nursing home facility after surgery due to a fall. They tried rehab, but she will never be able to independently walk again. She eats just enough to stay alive. Her 100 days of Medicare are up and they say she must go. The nursing home claims not to have permanent bed space. Prior to the fall my mother lived with me. Neither of us has any savings. My hours have been cut at work. I can't afford around the clock nursing care for my mother. She's not doing well and is disabled now. Her dementia is worse. I am unable to care for her and I am in a panic to find another facility. Any advice will be appreciated.”


So that individuals and families do not have to go-it-alone, this book, AGING:WARNING – Navigating Life’s Medical, Mental & Financial Minefields, was written for you.


Aging, What In The World Can You Do?


Aging, we all do it. You know it is coming. America’s rapidly maturing population is growing in staggering numbers and it is fraught with minefields not just for the elderly, but also for those who love and care about them. When a family member or friend crosses that Rubicon from independence to medically or mentally dependent, what can you do about it? Statistics show that we are facing an inevitable healthcare onslaught that dramatically impacts both adult-children as well as their aging parents. The warning is clear. Actions need to be taken. Preparations need to be made to deal with the coming avalanche of life changes, but what?


Note: Each chapter applies to someone’s life and may prove invaluable for those who need the information. What is a life raft to one reader or family may not be to another. What may appear to be an amalgamation of information becomes strikingly personal in various chapters during a time of need for critical insight.


The information in this book is to warn, not coddle. It is based on the reality of today. Reality often does not come neatly bundled in an attractive package. If appropriate steps are not taken on both a personal level and a national level, today’s reality will be far worse tomorrow. For readers who want to remain in denial, it may be a difficult read. For most, it will be an awakening.


The first three chapters detail the government’s role in gross public malfeasance. Scientific researchers are linking a rapid increase of a deadly brain disease to the lack of oversight of our food supply by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In later chapters, correlations between the shady practices of the Veterans Administration and private long-term care industries are exposed. Then, review the steps that may be taken to defray or eliminate the astronomical costs that can devour a family’s savings and future quality of life, both financially and emotionally. Some of what you will read is controversial and disturbing. It raises questions, presents scientific data, and proffers up opinions based on frontline experiences and observations that are putting healthcare providers, major corporations, and the government on notice. In regard to care, doctors strongly encourage that this story be told from both the patients and families’ points-of-view. They increasingly combat a system set up to either delay, deny or not pay for patient care.


When it comes to aging and the care of our elders, what you don’t know can hurt you. The financial and emotional costs can be enormous for all families regardless of income. Bankruptcy becomes a reality for many who could have avoided it. Many families today are caught in a financial vice living from paycheck to paycheck. Most have little, if any, savings. The struggle becomes whether adult-children will sock a few dollars away for the long-term care of an aging parent, apply it towards their teen’s college fund, or save for their own retirement and potential future illness and care needs.


Medical emergencies happen. Families confront heart attacks, cancer, diabetes and a multitude of diseases of the human condition. One disease that is on the rise and has no cure, brain disease, will serve as the surrogate topic as this book explores the maze of the aging process. Deaths from brain diseases are on the rise while other major diseases are reportedly on the decline due to advancements in treatments and breakthroughs in research.


Warning: For the foreseeable future, brain diseases are projected to be the most costly since the need for ongoing skilled care will be required over longer periods of time for greater numbers of people.


The Government


Our government has run afoul of the best interests of the people. Scientific evidence mounts that government negligence has exacerbated the problems of aging which adds to the costs of prolonged care. Conclusions by top medical researchers, and the results of several ten year studies, set off major alarms not just for the elderly, but for people of all ages.


Warning: Ten year research studies bring to the forefront a possible stealth assault from the food supply. Physical death to brain cells is now being connected to what we eat and coincides with an alarming statistical increase in the numbers of patients reportedly dying from various brain diseases. Evidence is mounting that part of the cause may be on your dinner plate, on your lunch menu, and in your medicine cabinet.


The government’s impact on the aging process, through lack of diligent oversight of our food supply, reveals a connected cause-and-effect in brain diseases.


Fault falls across the political spectrum in this ongoing national aggrievance. The first three chapters reveal the culpability of government negligence in the loss of health, income, and personal savings.


A Tsunami of Debt


A tsunami of elderly care debt, along with the financial strains on families, is welling to a point where it will undermine the national economy.


With financial instability, one constant that always looms is the potential for bankruptcy. This book provides insights and encourages you and your loved ones to do what is legally necessary to remain solvent. Special chapters address financial survival. Critical information is provided that may assist adult-children and their elderly parents to understand the need to get their financial house in order before trauma hits.


A Family Business


A commercial touted that health care reforms today allow more elderly to remain in their homes or the homes of their families. It may be true for six months, a year, maybe two or more years. Then, comes the moment of truth. You are no longer able to properly care for your senior parent or grandparent who has reached the point of physical or mental incapacitation as to require 24-hour care. The commercial is moot on that.


Warning: The question most asked by families with ailing, senior parents is: What happens when he or she needs more care than I can provide?


This book provides information that explores ways to prepare to protect yourself and your family when that time comes. 


Uncertainty is a constant in the healthcare system. When it comes to who pays what, how much and to whom, government rules and regulations present a tangled web to patients, hospitals and care providers. That said, had this book been written before my mother and I began our journey, I would have poured over every word for insight from someone who has been on the front lines and navigated elder care’s medical, mental, and financial minefields.





Each chapter in this book relates to how we age from the impact of what we eat to our quality of medical care to the financial stability and support that sustain us personally and as a people. To enter the battle blindly without knowledge of the looming medical, mental and financial minefields risks our becoming emotional and financial casualties both individually and as a nation.





What I am about to tell you is a very wicked tale. It is a tale about deceit and malfeasance. It is a tale for current and future generations. When the foul deed was uncovered and then admitted, there was no mea culpa, no explanation of the real damage done in spite of the fact that the results cost Americans their lives, incurred the loss of incomes to long-term medical care and obliterated families’ savings.


Enter: The American Food and Drug Administration – the FDA.


On June 16, 2015, the FDA announced it was banning all partially hydrogenated oils and trans fats as ingredients in America’s processed foods. Finally, it was taking action, though it was decades too late for the afflicted, dying, and loved ones lost to brain and heart diseases. Instead of a full explanation of the harm done, the FDA’s message in essence is: “Whoops, sorry about that memory loss and all of those heart attacks.”


Here is the true story that the FDA is not disclosing and may not want you to know.


It is important to look back and review the FDA’s grave error so that Americans can know what the FDA has done to their health and the health of their families. By doing so, American consumers can better understand the current and new tricks up the FDA’s proverbial sleeve.


That the FDA has been forced, by public outcry, to ban partially hydrogenated oils is a plus to the activists and a minus to the FDA whose inaction has been egregiously harmful. The FDA’s goal is to eliminate the aforementioned duo of deadly oils out of America’s food supply by June 2018. The ban is historical because what has preceded it represents a great American tragedy.


A statement from the FDA admits that its action will now save thousands of Americans from heart attacks each year. It does not tell the full story of the increase in brain diseases in households across the land and how culpable the FDA has been in the loss of millions of lives by death or being lost in the fog of dementia.


Banning partially hydrogenated oils and its derivative trans fats is a critical first step, but will the FDA address the array of other artificial and industrially-produced chemicals and ingredients that that still permeate the food supply along with others that are already in the pipeline?


Though death and mayhem have been foisted upon American families by a negligent FDA, it appears the government agency has yet to learn its lesson. To understand that gross negligence in the FDA’s past forebodes a negligent future, exposure of its modus operandi is vital.


As in all horror stories most things do not bode well for the victims under attack. The menace, in one gruesome form or another, eventually reveals itself. Once identified, the vulnerabilities of the threat are exposed so that it can be eradicated by those under siege. The plot rarely varies from fairy tales to science fiction.


There has been a threat that is so insidious that its victims never saw it coming until it was too late. Its deadly form is so miniscule that it escapes early detection as it attacks its human host. Death is prolonged as it attaches itself internally to the human brain, shrinks it, destroying it cell-by-cell as bodily functions eventually collapse and breath can no longer be drawn.


Fabricated monsters from literature and movies such a Frankenstein, Godzilla, zombies and futuristic Sci-Bots pale in comparison to the destruction it causes. Science knows it as the: